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-= Customized Ceramics =-

Combining shapes and colors intended to please the senses, I propose an effect. You have your own notion of harmony - preferring particular sizes, color schemes and quantities. Creating a new environment or working off an existing one, only you know what will work for the aesthetic you desire. With that in mind, I have created a delectable, selectable, mix-and-mash form from which you can choose your favorite arrangement. Use the sculptures shown below to guide you in your choice. Remember, the works you order will be original works...your choices are only to be used as a guideline.

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If completely dissatisfied with the creations resulting from your custom order, you may be eligable for an exchange or refund. Please review the following return policy for more details

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-= Custom Metalwork =-

For custom metalwork and machining services, please contact us.

-= Sculpture =-

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-= Electric Vehicles =-

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-= Animatronics =-

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-= Other Artists =-

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-= Other Art Sale Venues =-

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Art for sale online

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A few pieces from 2003:

-= METAL =-

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